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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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children – teachers of future generation– The tutor cooperates with parents of these children – it is desirable, that the same situation, the same relation proceeded at home.Unfortunately, it is possible only if parents too pass an educational system.Otherwise they simply will not know that from them it is required.They will mechanically put any framework, and the child will be feeling their artificiality.He even will think that his parents understand nothing.It will be internally much more flexible than them.It will be socially wiser, than they to understand society, to understand human relations, motivation, the purpose, installation.

The ball bangs

Threw and blew at a ball that flied quicker; catchesalso falls for fun; tries to catch a mouth; to it brolodge a ball, and he pretends that is afraid; pretends to be,that ball its bruise.The ball bangs You, ball, I to youI will give! There, in a ball, something knocks shakes and listens.There are children, which do not play, and like to look,just as adults on playing look inbilliards or in chess.And in a ball game happen interest ny, incorrect and ingenious movements.Expediency of movements only one of manythe parties which do this sport pleasant.

I expect

He any more does not speak we goes by the car or Vanya to sweep a floor.I expect a question But as so After all in all given examples the verb costs in the third party singular or in an uncertain form.How to learn with it all the rest I will answer eventually the child will consult with everything it.Yes, we isolated and properly worked only it, only conjugation of verbs of the rd person, singular, crust..with nouns additions in accusative, genitive and prepositional cases.And it it appears there is enough.Every time we open a way to natural, the put nature of amazing ability what all children possess and the child with a Down syndrome including abilities to the independent to comprehension of laws of language, orderin spontaneous perception and to assimilation.

In any case, itnot

Such workdoes not tire, how many it proceeded, thereforethat in natural life there can not be a stop.And nevertheless hour through two after the beginning of the freeworks children hear a gentle music a signcollecting in the general circle.Work comes to an end, materialsare put on shelves.Montessori's circle.Someone from teachers called itthe atmospheric phenomenon.In any case, itnot daily occupation with the traditional fingertypegames and songs.Each circle has thecontext which depends on a certain situation.Some circles are connected with discussion of events,children of the house occurring in life and in the children'sto garden.


At the child the feeling of independence which induces it on new researches and adventures grows.Perception of world around The child at the age of months is extremely mobile.Ability independently to move gives the chance to it to see the same subject under different points of view, to touch and smell it to receive more or less complete idea of an object of research.Climbing up furniture or leaning on it, the child receives idea of character of a surface, density, a form.The kid starts to perceive itself a part of the world around independent of other subjects which exist in itself.

It can be distinguished

The milkwoman leaves, if you start to coat a mouth of the kid with spring honey.It is honey of a white acacia or mountain, collected before flowering of the tributary.It differs from other subjects that contains not sucrose, and fructose.Therefore will not cause side effects.It can be distinguished on greenish color.It liquid also does not crystallize.The breast of mother before each feeding is recommended to be wiped weak solution of boric acid, it is the fine prevention protecting the child from the milkwoman.Before emergence of milk in a parent breast colostrum is formed.


Everyone finds to itselfhimself there a place.The large quantity vospitatel is necessary for us.And in the country there is a hidden unemployment.To tutors vyplachiva average salary.Children are occupied.Practically there are no big monetary expenses.As a result it turns out that we involve both children, and a large quantity of adult population in selfeducation and education.This process – it vzaimny, goes constantly and in the person, and in his connection with others.I think that it is possible to expect serious results within the next months.

You simply

Movement of energy does not demand efforts.You simply insert a fork into the socket.We do not see, how the electricity moves on wires, but we know that it occurs, if light lights up.When grounding is connected to the earth center, energy proceeds on this channel as if water, allowing a body to be cleared of all alien and to be filled with vital force.Children created grounding in thickness in a stvenny hip and were amused, using for grounding the most various channels.And still they learned to earth a cool room, creating the channel of grounding in thickness in all room.For selfhealing children pushed an imagined bast through an ear, getting its end from other ear, and then moved it therehere, clearing the head center.

Big news consists

It is a question of laws of the nature which we are obliged to observe, we wish that or not, – not to do much harm to ourselves.Everything depends only on as far as we well know these laws and their consequences.The PERSON – the SMALL WORLD Imagine that you can press the Reset button, and this time make everything correctly.Without efforts, without stresses and, the most important, without games in an ugadayka.Big news consists that education of children is entirely connected with games in which to them treat as small adults, and all main decisions are accepted together.You will be surprised, having found, as far as training of children to positive things, such as the friendship and care of people, automatically influences other areas of our everyday life.

The bulldog

We ate mushrooms which I brought, honey with tea, nutlets Ate.All ate, all went home.The story about a crow, under the certificate of mother, yearold Grisha dictated on one breath, without any amendments and the subsequent additions.HARE AND BULLDOG Somehow I went to the wood and saw the hare.The healthy dog then came.It decided the hare to swallow entirely, with ears.The hare was afraid.Then I took stick and properly cut to a bulldog.The bulldog howled and escaped very far in dark.And the hare escaped in other party, home to mothers with kids.

It is impossible

The child grew with is proud of the lifted head.Even then, when subsequently he learned the truth about the father, it was already created.It is impossible to belittle parents and relatives in the opinion of the child, as though you on them were offended.Find good in everyone who lived once in your sort.Tell about it to the child.Let he knows that was born in a worthy sort where people made worthy affairs, worked, invented, helped another, built the house, planted a garden and made still something.There are no only bad people.

Balloon Purpose

It is necessary to blow more strongly.Began! The one who managed to blow off a ball for the line, on the opposite side wins table.Balloon Purpose development of a strong smooth oral exhalation; activization of lip muscles.Equipment a usual balloon on a thread; gas balloon.Game course Hang up a balloon at child's face level.Blow on a sphere so, that it highly flew up, then suggest to blow to the child.It is possible more difficult option of game.Throw a balloon up.Offer the child to blow on a ball several times so that it longer did not fall by a floor.

If you ask the child

In total as if clearly and nevertheless a task for the child it appears very difficult.Still exercise.Put on a table two paper cords, make of everyone on an eyelet also push one eyelet in another.If you ask the child to tell that and in what sequence you did, be convinced that it will complicate to you to answer.It cannot track sequence of your actions also will get confused, trying to tell about them.Instead of telling you took from a table two strings, then made eyelets and then thrust one eyelet in another, he will tell that you stuck a small knot, crossed strings , hold two threads etc.

Be not upset, if at some

Mood of the child very changeably.Be not upset, if at some instant the kid refuses to make something.Unexpectedly for you the mood of the child can change, and in an easy situation it will make what you from it achieved within several days!AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDDEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th Nedeleperemena in the child which you can notice Physical development clambers, rises up can creep up on a ladderSense organs and reflexes clapsIntellectual development can carry out the elementary instructions starts to be afraid of heightSocial development learns to stand for itself draws attention of people around, repeats actions which caused approval or the laughter Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

Now to ask to givethe

To build details in a row from the smallest tothe biggest.To walk on each circle, callingparts.If parts two, one is calledthe one second or half.If parts three that onethe third, and if twelve that the one twelfth.Let the child will have all set of game Nikitin's Fractions, i.e.all details.Now to ask to givethe one sixth, the two sixth, the six sixth.From whatdifferent parts it is possible to make the whole Whether it is possible MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONto divide it is abrupt on two parts And on three How to makecircle, using only red and yellow parts Probablywhether it in principleFractions the difficult subject, is better to approach to itwith the different parties, thinking out all new tasks.

Did not betray, not gave

Certainly, parents in any way cannot be reproached with egoism.Yes, all the you devoted life to the child, did not leave it, did not throw.Did not betray, not gave into strange hands, raise it as can.But can be, both you, and yours the child would be much happier, if from the very beginning it not used only results of your works.All these years you did for it a lot of things from this that it could let not at once, let gradually to learn to do itself.And as it is sad to observe now, as in small, and in big it still from you depends.And ahead as early as years and years of such existence it is good, if under a mother's and father's wing.

If you are concerned

If you are concerned rates of development of the kid, discuss it with the pediatrist.Physical development independently goes with support of both hands Sense organs and reflexes gives visible preference to the right or left hand Intellectual development can look for a subject if sees how it hid Social development shows various emotions, such, as chagrin, pleasure, a rage, griefAS the CHILD FOR the st WEEK of LIFE MATURED congestions of very small vials filled with liquid; more often they settle down on lips or round them and on a mucous membrane of an oral cavity; skin reddening round congestions of vials; morbidity of a congestion of vials during carrying out a toilet of the person and an oral cavity; morbidity of skin round places of a congestion of vials.

Than it is possible

Than it is possible to explain such tendency It appears, at the majority modern children it is noted both the general motor backlo and a poor development motility of hands, in particular it concerns city children.About years ago to parents, and together with them and to children, it was necessary to do by hands more to erase and to wring out linen, to touch grain, to knit, embroider, darn, sweep and to wash floors to clean and beat out carpets, to cook food and Now many operations carry out for the person of the car food processors, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.In modern life the house food is forced out by the ready semifinished products, presently it is not accepted to darn clothes very few people is engaged needlework.

After all without

courts for juvenile Each our feelin each thought surely consists of a combination of two opposite forces or feelings tepla and colds, attraction and pushing away, hatred and love.This combination also creates life.After all without darkness we would not manage to distinguish light, and without bitterness could not taste sweet.Concerning the person and society it is necessary to build the same scheme combining court and mercy – to criticism to others and sympathy for them.The system of an assessment and the analysis starts to be formed in reto a benka when it reaches year age.And therefore already from now on it is necessary to work with it over social vzaimos and over understanding of the phenomena which he sees in the general stvo now and will see later.

Only we cause

The nature is counterbalanced and ceases to punish us earthquakes , a tsunami, hurricanes.Only we cause all these problems because human reason, desires, motives most strongly influence the nature.And thieves, and destroyers – I, as well as at many uncorrected people, all the same have vopro, concern and fear where destroyers, otnimatel, the robbers, all people who can use this thin will get to and is in many respects constructed ache on supersensitive things reality All will come and will take away, and will lodge in it – You understand, what a half of the population of the earth is involved in this system Who can rise against this system where these robbers, figures and robbers Them will simply knock down in weight, they cannot put out a nose.

Feeding by a breast

AS the CHILD FOR the st WEEK MATURED Call in emergency medical service if noticed emergence of difficulty of breath! Call the doctor if there was a suppuration of vysypaniye and measures taken by you do not lead to positive result and also in case cannot independently establish the reason of emergence of food allergy.The doctor can offer carrying out tests for allergen identification.If the child is on natural feedin and members of the family have food allergy, it is not necessary to nurse the child more long than six months.Feeding by a breast only to month's age helps to exclude emergence of food allergy in certain cases.At the majority of children food allergy passes with age.

To put it briefly, child, keeping

Next time, when beginnerto go the child there will be in a similar situation, it MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONfeels capable to do without supportmothers.That mother always nearby also is ready to help,gives confidence and helps the kid to relyon the forces that in a result also leads to developmentindependence.To put it briefly, child,keeping in contact with mother, gets used to trust,and the feeling of trust promotes independence.If to follow a rapprochement method, will not beginwhether the child to order parents The matter is that the attention is necessary for the child,instead of control.

It will stop, as soon

It is reflex process.It will stop, as soon as the child will gain skill to operate language at food.Unfortunately, it is impossible to learn to eat firm food without attempts to make it.If at your child the reflex of rejection of firm food is expressed very strongly, discuss this question with the pediatrist.COMPARISON of the DLYA VARIOUS DRINKS of Deteyvodaodin from the best drinks for children so contains sugar, caffeine and a drugikhdobavokkusochka a large amount of water, chastoboly % contain too a bolshoyekolichestvo sakharashipuchy contain big kolichestvoaromatizator and sugar, electrolits necessary a dlyanegazirovanny vodazhiznedeyatelnost Drinks for a thirst satisfying during intensive growth of the child the pediatrist can sometimes recommend to give to the kid more liquid.

These organizatell

Education of juvenile criminals – To us the large quantity of inquiries from the organizations which are engaged in children, having deviations in behavior which could not whether to be entered in structure – for example, juvenile criminals arrives.These organizatell tsiya Come, do that want.Because at them hands finally fell, they at all do not know what to do.Whether it is necessary to begin with them dialogue – These organizations are first open for us and consequently they are good.


Laryngitis What is such.At children having laryngitis, very rough, hoarse crying.Laryngitis can be a consequence of cold or other problems in a condition of the top respiratory ways.Laryngitis can arise at any age.Symptoms of laryngitis include body temperature increase; decrease in appetite; emergence of a hoarseness in a voice and crying; difficulty of swallowing.What to do.Having noticed hoarse, rough notes in a voice or crying of the child, include a humidifier in a mode of a cold fog.

It is not necessary

The only way really to help the child To realize that it is good such what it is.Then, probably, you will want to present the same gift to yourself, Also you realize that you too are good such what you are.You should change nothing.But it will lead you to freedom.It is not necessary to go anywhere And it is not necessary to do anything.It will lead you to an enlightenment.Opening the mind for light, You help the child to make the same.

These are scientists

It is necessary to create the world organization – It in us something alien and external Or we simply should open in ourselves what is already put – In us it is put.This ability was shown at individuals at various times.These are people who aspire to such condition, wish it to investigate, propagandize, somehow to realize.These are philosophers of the past, utopians and, partly, socialists.These are scientists such as Vernadsky, researchers, politicians and businessmen.As we know, the Roman club, in the basis consisted of large businessmen and politicians.It sovershenno different people, but all of them are, as a rule, educated and look forward.

It is impossible

Any more only will andexclusive authority of a family still careful, butalready public control.Slightly, imperceptibly.The beggar disposes of alms, as zablagorashas legal proceedings, and the child does not have anything the, it should from for everyone for nothing received in personal polzovaniye subject.It is impossible to tear, break, soil, it is impossible to present,it is impossible to reject with neglect.The child shouldto accept and be happy.In total in due time and inthe appointed place, it is reasonable and agrees prednaznato cheniye.

Generally, we a being

Today in boan uling play much more people, than earlier, – Patnem speaks, – but they play alone.Generally, we a being social, however, without knowing zakoit is new the nature, managing directors of society, we do not understand, how it is necessary to build mechanisms round the young man – on ceremonious from a family and finishing external circles rodstvenni and acquaintances.Not to lose touch with children when they will mature and leave in life, we need to establish anew concept of a community and a family in a broad sense – as places where they feel involved and favourite.

If the child

Be patient, the kid cannot quickly learn to eat independently.If the child manages to be informed a spoon to a mouth, do not forget to praise it.Each child identity Do not expect that your kid will be similar to other children.Even if you have twins, kids will be absolutely different.There are no two identical children.Different characters define different typesPhysical development moves as a propeller, turning over from a back on a stomach and so on by means of hands and feet carries out roundabouts in a wrist at manipulation with subjects Sense organs and reflexes likes to play with food shifts subjects from one hand in another Intellectual development enjoys supervision over falling subjects AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK of behavior in the same situation MATURED.

The pharmacological

The solar burns arising from short stay on the sun it is possible, you will be surprised by the name of heading.No, we were not mistaken and we want to tell about the solar burns arising at shortterm stay of the child on the sun.You should The nd WEEK knows that some medicines and some food increase sensitivity of skin to sunshine.The pharmacological preparations increasing sensitivity of skin, are listed below in a frame on page; many grain from which cook children's porridges, fruit juice, in particular lemon and lime juice belong to food.Treatment of the solar burn got because of hypersensibility of skin, same, as well as treatment of a usual burn.

Game course

We do hare we press a little finger, anonymous and l fingers to a palm, and average and index we straighten.During reading the poem we move fingers ears in a step.It is possible to show hares at once on both hands.Game it is possible to repeat several times.Hammers Purpose development of movements of hands; development of imitation movements of hands adult; development of understanding of speech.Game course Suggest kids to play at a table or on a floor.Let's construct a lodge for friends The teacher shows, children repeat we compress fingers in fists and we beat a cam on a table to a floor, a wall or one cam on another serially.

What rest

If you accustom the child to put toys in a box, and someone does it for it, this who that destroys that useful that you create.What rest is received by one boy well familiar to me, having come on a visit to the grandmother! What open space for tireless activity! It is allowed to it to put forward from a dresser all boxes, to pull out from them linen and to scatter it on all room.Have a good time, as it is necessary for your dear! Whether it is better to accustom than the boy to put linen in one pile Tshirts, in another nosochka, in the third scarfs.

. These universal

Only, shipped

If to divide mankind into adults and children, andlife on the childhood and a maturity, children and the childhood in the worldand in life there is a lot of, much.Only, shipped inthe fight and in the cares, we do not notice them, how notnoticed earlier the woman, the peasant, enslavedclasses and people.We were arranged so that children to usdisturbed and as little as possible mastiff as little as possible that we actually ourselves representalso that we actually do.In one of the Parisian children's homes I saw two rows pe at a ladder high for adults, low for are small sew.


They overtook the contemporariesaccording to school programs who on two, and whofor four years.N.Amosovgram, pointing to need of revision to % of their contents, considered plans of increase in termsschool training shortsighted and pernicious,contradicting the nature of the child with onethe parties and to interests of the state with another.Nikitinykh and today many call classicsSoviet pedagogics.On an example of the ownlarge family they showed, as,breaking the settled stereotypes in education, to helpto the child to become independent, harmoniouslythe developed personality.

Studies should

But what if the child opposes to such educationif we understand it and we will find a right approach, it does not becometo resist.Studies should be entertainin at yatny, based on things to which his heart liesrepresentations, games, songs, sports, creativity, videosand films.It is possible to think up the games demandin for example,knowledge of letters and figures; it is possible to organize group games withprizes for those who made the greatest contribution to the general success, incompliance with the possibilities.Thereby we napraWim to the necessary course such natural rushes, as envyand rivalry, having framed up them under salutary influenceenvironments.

Adults need

Kids of years start to play with interest with dolls, other subject toys, household goods.Adults need to direct a little only use of household subjects and far away to clean dangerous such, as matches.In these games that at children ideas of subjects and the phenomena which they should face in the life are specified is important.They learn about for what these or those subjects and devices serve in the house.Games of children of years even more often also are more developed according to the contents, reflect the diverse phenomena of surrounding life, relationship of people in a life, in themlabor and public work.

Do damp cleaning

What to do.It is necessary to exclude allergen which caused reaction development.Make careful damp house cleaning.Minimize possibility of a congestion of a dust.Do damp cleaning regularly.Symptoms of an allergy treat according to the instruction of the pediatrist.AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED When to call the doctor.Call the doctor if the child had symptoms of hay fever.The doctor recommends application of desensibiliziruyushchy preparations for reduction of manifestations of an allergy.

They do not wish

When the red are in disharmony they feel rage, a rage, despair, confusion, violence, destructiveness, vindictiveness, irascibility, impatience, show tyrannical and despotic nature, madness, the superactive involvement, passions.Pinkblue auraRelationshipThe pinkblue like to be near people who enjoy and show interest to life.They do not wish to be serious and concentrated long time.Therefore will impatiently get acquainted with people, to laugh, have fun together with them, and then to leave.Frequent and short marriages a commonplace for them.They trust in the agreement because it is the best way validly to become relatives with someone and really to learn everything about them.

But whether

But whether there was he lately someone, whether reached something important, significant, impressing Over many expectations of parents, teachers, trainers, priests, friends, and also the ideal images propagandized at cinema and a potelevideniya gravitate.When I was youn adults constantly asked me Whom do you want to become, when will grow And I thought And than I am bad such what I am now And I had a feeling that what I was at that time,for some reason it is not enough or unacceptably and I by all means need to grow to something to become more important and valuable.

I already

To find the correct approach to its education, to create conditions for development of those lines and qualities which will help it to find itself in life and thus to feel necessary, happy and favourite, a difficult task.I grew up two children and now the grandmother of three grandsons.Many years I am engaged with children and parents.I help parents to pick up a key to the child to open his abilities and talents.I already wrote some books for families with children.From writing of the latest book about children Waiting for a miracle passed time, and subjects for conversation continuation on this subject collected.

It would

Was present on occupations with children, same, as Sascha, same age.Romena Teodorovva available and clearly explained, how it is necessary to learn the child to talk.Certainly, at the beginning of our occupations with Sascha to me it was very heavy, sometimes it seemed that everything is vain and my son never will start talking.It would be desirable to give up all occupations, hands fell.But then I made a fresh start.Now Sascha says names of many subjects.Tries to say offers.For me it is surprising! Huge to you thanks! Goodbye, yours faithfully Stroganov's family I, Zaytseva Natalia Vasilyevna, mother of girl Fiona, years, with Down syndrome.

Future teacher

If so,why not to try from the earliest ageto train children in music, including game on a violinand other musical instruments, and not individually,and in groups Thus doctor Suzukistarted with belief that kids like to imitateand, having seen, as professional violinists play,by all means will want to copy their movements.Future teacher called the method rather figuratively Talent birth.It is difficult to believe in it, but Shinichi of Suzuki was possiblesuccessfully to realize the idea.Already through some MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONyears of occupations the ensemble of small violinists was created at first from ten, and later from twenty and morekids.

Let's smell

This game delivers to children incomparable pleasure.As a rule, they laugh loudly, randomly move handles and legs, expressing the delight.Hide behind a chair back.After that call the child.If the kid can already creep, it will direct on a sound of your voice.When the child will reach you, embrace and kiss him, tell Here you also found me! Repeat game.Let's smell Whether there are in your kitchen banks with various odorous spices and products Prepare a little such a banok.For example, in one of them there can be tea leaves, in another coffee grains, in the third a bay leaf, in the fourth dried mushrooms, in the fifth dried apples and so on.

And you, Vanya

For example, teacher represents that takes a plate and a spoon, imposes food, gathers food a spoon, blows, that cooled down, puts in a mouth, chews and swallows.Now I interesting will show somethin and you try to guess, that I do.Certainly, I eat! Show, how you are able to eat! Interestingly, who does that eat I ate porridge.And you, Vanya what you eat Likely, soup As children yet do not use active speech, the teacher can after questions to offer versions of answers, and children choose that option which was pleasant, and express a consent in the way available to them a head nod, sounds.The following actions are in this way represented I read to open the book, to look through pages.


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